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Dining with Culinary Celebrities

Luckily I was healthy and ready to go when the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour came to Asheville last week because this event was truly not to be missed. Held at The Market Place, one of downtown Asheville’s great restaurants, five distinguished chefs made culinary magic, including the James Beard “Best Chef of the… Read more »

Ready For Fall

I’ve been feeling pretty rotten – one of those summer cold things that sends you to bed feeling sorry for yourself, but not anything serious enough to get friends to rally around with flowers and things to tempt your appetite. I will admit to being a miserable sick person. Day 1 was fine – I… Read more »

Weathering the Storm

After a busy start to the summer, Charlie and I decided to head up to Canada to relax and enjoy some peaceful time together. With our impeccable timing, we arrived a few days before Hurricane Arthur, one of the worst storms any of the locals could remember. Boats were breaking loose from their moorings and… Read more »

Happy Fathers Day

I hope everyone enjoyed a very happy Father’s Day.  It is a more complicated day for many of us.I lost my dad more than twenty years ago, and still miss him immensely. He was the single greatest influence on my life. I was the firstborn, and you can guess by my name that they were… Read more »

Troy & Son’s Launches In Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a town that embraces authenticity.   From the finest of fine dining, to the “diviest” of “dive bars,” Chicago is recognized globally as a top dining and drinking destination.   This town also LOVES craft whiskey.   When Forbes magazine was putting together a report of the craft whiskey “boom” in the United States, the centerpiece… Read more »

Troy and Sons Seen On the Today Show

Can you believe it?! The Today Show aired the story on our distillery and family this morning. What an exciting day it was filled with comments, support and new fans on Facebook & Twitter. Who knew the phone would ring so much. The website even went down for a bit due to traffic. Don’t worry it’s back up, so you can find your favorite… Read more »

Spring Forward- Note From Troy

Spring Forward! It sounds so positive, doesn’t it? Way better than ‘Lose an Hour of Sleep and Wake Up in the Dark for Another Two Weeks’, which is what it looks like to me – any may be why I don’t have a career in marketing. One advantage of traveling around introducing my product is… Read more »

Southern Living February 2014 Magazine Gives Accolades To Asheville’s Own Wicked Weed Troy & Sons Aged Whiskey Craft Beer

According to the February 2014 Southern Living Magazine Article ‘The South’s Best New Bars 2014’, Troy & Sons Old Fashion is the thing to be sipping at Wicked Weed Brewery this year. Wicked Weed Brewing made Southern Living’s best new bars in 2014. Only twenty bars in the South made the list of fine modern-day… Read more »

The Skies Are Friendlier!

We were thrilled to be featured in the American Airlines’s on-flight magazine American Way. Check us out here –  If you flew American Airlines in October, you’ll remember if I was on your flight –  I would have been the excitable blonde woman walking the aisles helping folks find the article. I didn’t want anyone… Read more »

NBC Down on the Farm

We had a great day with NBC producer Amber Payne and anchor Harry Smith a few weeks ago. The lovely coordinators of the Atlanta Wine and Food Festival had suggested us for a possible story and we couldn’t believe it when NBC showed up to spend the day. Harry Smith is a fabulous interviewer and… Read more »