Troy & Son’s Launches In Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a town that embraces authenticity.   From the finest of fine dining, to the “diviest” of “dive bars,” Chicago is recognized globally as a top dining and drinking destination.   This town also LOVES craft whiskey.   When Forbes magazine was putting together a report of the craft whiskey “boom” in the United States, the centerpiece of that article was a profile on retail giant “Binny’s” that has 31 locations in and around Chicagoland.   Chicagoans seek out what is new and exciting out at bars/restaurants, and then seek out their newfound favorites at retail.

This is why I was dying to get Troy and Sons Whiskies into the Chicago market.   We launched three products from Troy and Sons back in February:  Troy and Sons Platinum, Oak Reserve and Blonde.  In only 60 days the city’s top accounts have responded with a resounding
“YES!”   It is not uncommon to hear around town; “That is the best white whiskey I’ve ever tried.” Or “That Blonde Whiskey is something special, it is unlike anything I have tried before.”

Chicagoans can now enjoy Troy and Son’s cocktails at some of the best eateries and bars throughout the varying neighborhoods that make Chicago famous.   Heading to Randolph Street (also known as “Restaurant Row”)?  Sit down in the gorgeous jewel box that is RM Champagne Salon and order a “La Ville Blanche” made in batches with Troy and Sons Platinum and served out of a nitro keg.   Maybe the hipster neighborhoods of Bucktown or Wicker Park are more your style?  Enjoy a Moonshine Negroni with your award winning BBQ at Lillie’s Q, or a “White Manhattan” at The Southern.   Even Michelin starred Longman and Eagle said “YES!” to Troy and Sons.

Troy and Son’s Whiskies can also be found at independent retailers throughout the city.   The aforementioned Binny’s chain has also just brought in all three of the new products.  It seems clear that Chicago has taken to Troy and Sons like white on rice… or perhaps white on corn is more appropriate.

List of Top Restaurants/Bars to enjoy Troy and Sons in Chicago

  • Delilah’s
  • Lillie’s Q
  • Longman and Eagle
  • East Room
  • RM Champagne Salon
  • The Southern
  • Boiler Room
  • Monkey’s Paw
  • Chicago Q
  • Antique Taco
  • Urban Burger Bar
  • Niche
  • Jam
  • Paddy Longs
  • Rock’s Lakeview
  • Fion
  • Improv Olympic


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