NBC Down on the Farm

We had a great day with NBC producer Amber Payne and anchor Harry Smith a few weeks ago. The lovely coordinators of the Atlanta Wine and Food Festival had suggested us for a possible story and we couldn’t believe it when NBC showed up to spend the day. Harry Smith is a fabulous interviewer and any nervousness I had quickly disappeared. We toured the distillery and then headed to the farm, where the corn is looking great. John McEntire was there to give us a tour and his dad’s 1951 John Deere was in the fields.
Turns out Harry Smith went to college in Iowa and spent some time on a farm growing up. He asked John if the John Deere still ran so John showed him how to get it started and told him to take it for a drive. Harry took off and then circled back around like a pro – guess there are some things you never forget. We ended the day at the house and Harry met all three of our boys. When you have special needs children, there’s always a bit of hesitation when they meet new people, and you hope that they can somehow sense what you know – which is how truly special each child is and that despite the challenges, how very blessed you are to have that child, or those children, in your life. Harry and Amber and the crew from NBC were wonderful and it was a truly memorable day for my family. Thank you!