Weathering the Storm

After a busy start to the summer, Charlie and I decided to head up to Canada to relax and enjoy some peaceful time together. With our impeccable timing, we arrived a few days before Hurricane Arthur, one of the worst storms any of the locals could remember. Boats were breaking loose from their moorings and washing up on shore. The rain sheeted down and the wind was fierce. When the storm passed, we went with friends to help salvage a boat. We were told that we could claim salvage rights, but in a small town you’re going to end up helping a friend or neighbor, so we will not be receiving a large sum of money from a grateful millionaire stranger, but felt good to be able to do something for the community that has always been so welcoming to us. 

During the storm, we went to stay with friends who lived closer to the water and had an unbelievable view of the storm. Charlie even took some video of me standing outside while the rain and the wind whipped by – fun for a few minutes, but I have no desire to follow storms for the Weather Channel. It was much more fun to sit with friends and watch nature wreak havoc from a safe and climate-controlled place. And it was perfect weather for a hot toddy – not something I’d expected to enjoy in July. 

I hope all of you have blue skies and sunny days, but in case of unseasonable weather, we’ve got the recipe so you can warm up to our Fire Side, perfectly spiced with our new Troy & Sons Cinnamon Whiskey – no point arguing with Mother Nature so relax and enjoy!