Ready For Fall

I’ve been feeling pretty rotten – one of those summer cold things that sends you to bed feeling sorry for yourself, but not anything serious enough to get friends to rally around with flowers and things to tempt your appetite. I will admit to being a miserable sick person. Day 1 was fine – I was feeling really lousy and an excuse to lounge in bed for the day is a welcome thing. Day 2 and I’m getting up no matter how little sense it makes. Day 3 – and things start looking up – which is a good thing as I’m bored stiff when I don’t feel well. And you would think there would be a good story behind the origins of being ‘bored stiff’, but there’s not.

We’ve got a lot going on and it’s great to have energy. I’m headed back to Texas and planning a few events closer to home. One of the silver linings of feeling sick is how grateful you feel when you’re well again. I hope you all are happy and healthy and ready for fall.