Craft Whiskey Maker ,Troy & Sons, Awarded Gold Medal For Their Platinum Whiskey From Beverage Tasting Institute

The Beverage Tasting Institute, an independent reviewer and producer of, awarded a Gold medal and “Exceptional” rating to the Asheville Distilling Company for their Troy & Sons Platinum Whiskey.

T&S Platinum is a true American moonshine, made with heirloom Crooked Creek corn and pure Appalachian spring water. Earning a 90 point rating from the expert tasters on the Institute’s panel, this craft white whiskey was described as, “Clear. Aromas of toasted fruit cake and light molasses on cereal with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a delicate peach and plum pastry, sweet cream, peppery spice and mineral finish. Nicely refined and flavorful and appealing for newcomers to whisky from vodka.”

Asheville Distilling began as a personal journey for founder and owner Troy Ball. Arriving in Western North Carolina, she was introduced to moonshine, and discovered a world of difference between the harsh and sometimes dangerous spirit she’d heard about and the smooth white whiskey, “Keeper whiskey”, carefully distilled for family and friends. Troy wanted everyone to know and appreciate this heritage spirit and spent years talking to distillers with generations of experience and experimenting with ingredients and processes. The result – Troy & Sons Platinum. “It is an honor to receive an “Exceptional” rating from such a respected institution,” said Troy, “and with the explosion of the American craft scene, to stand out among the multiple products is a tribute to our hard work and dedication. Preserving this true American spirit has been a calling and we could not be more pleased with its reception.”

Troy & Sons Platinum is a genuinely American product. The corn is grown locally in the mountains of Western North Carolina and was first found on a farm owned by the same family since the late 1700’s. The corn was tested and is an heirloom variety thought to be lost in the mid 1800’s. Troy & Sons is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of this grain and to contributing to the local economy. They are proud to play a small role in preserving part of our great American heritage.

To learn more about the Troy and Son’s story visit the website The award winning whiskey may be purchased online via the distillery’s website.

About Beverage Testing Institute:

The Beverage Testing Institute  (BTI) was founded in 1981, as America’s premier independent alcoholic beverage review organization with a mission to create fair and reliable reviews of wines for consumers. In 1994, BTI began reviewing beers and spirits and founded the World Beer Championships and the World Spirits Championships—now named the International Review of Spirits.

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About Asheville Distilling Company:

Asheville Distilling Company distills America’s finest Moonshine Whiskey’s, Troy & Son’s Oak Reserve, Troy & Son’s Platinum and Troy & Sons’ Blond. Tour the facility located at 12 Old Charlotte Highway in Asheville, NC, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at  both 5pm and 6pm. Visit the distillery online at or follow Troy and Sons on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest.